Go Global With International SEO

Do you conduct business internationally? If you do, or are thinking about expanding your reach, you need to ensure that your website is prepared to accommodate the traffic it receives from around the world.

Yep, international SEO: it’s an actual thing. And it’s the conduit to reaching millions of new customers. Users in other countries utilize different platforms and search engines to explore the internet.

Google’s market share is just under 5% in China and 42% in Russia. International SEO is the method you use to inform search engines in other countries that you’re open for business.

The most common question people have when it comes to international SEO is, Isn’t my site content translated for different languages? Sure, but this doesn’t necessarily account for the way a particular audience searches for or consumes content.

There are several things to take into consideration with international SEO (an audit can help determine just how international SEO-ready your site is). The most important step is to ascertain which regions of the globe you want to target. This involves looking at where you receive the highest levels of international traffic and their search habits.

The next step is to obtain a domain from the country you intend to conduct business. Doing so will put you on the map there, so to speak, by giving you exposure via that country’s search engines.

Then, you will need to determine the relevant keywords and pages that are viable for the international markets in question.

In addition to structuring your website, there are the matters of where to locate your servers and the implementation of hreflang tags to consider.

While this all may seem a bit daunting, remember that all SEO depends on three things: having a technically sound site, great content, and being diligent in analyzing performance and trends.  

Also, bear in mind that the above is a very simplified snapshot of the international SEO process. The actual formulation of a game plan is much more involved and technical, which is why it’s vital to have a partner in your journey toward world domination.

Lead Internet Marketing can formulate an international SEO strategy for your website that will open up countless new avenues for your business. By employing a proven set of best practices, we can seamlessly take your web presence to the next level – plus, we’ll keep you informed of what we’re doing every step of the way. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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