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Data Driven Content For Quality Customer Engagement

What is your story? We are a content marketing agency that tells that story to engage your customers, to build and grow your brand. Our dedicated team of professionals will create compelling, consistent and quality content for your brand’s online presence.

We identify the types of content and create them based on your objectives to promote your business on different platforms. While marketing is essential to strengthen your market position, Content Marketing amplifies interest in your brand.

We at LEAD know how to strategically identify and run campaigns to create, distribute and manage content on various channels and devices to tell and grow your business.

Content is king and content marketing is a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.

  • More effective than traditional forms of advertising.
  • Drives awareness of your business/ brand.
  • Generates leads, every visitor is a potential customer.
  • Establishes trust and increases traffic to your website.
  • An effective content strategy leads to better returns for your investment (ROI) and effort.

To LEAD INTERNET MARKETING, content is intrinsic to every marketing initiative. Through content we tell your brand story to captivate your target audience. Our content marketing strategy provides solutions to your pain point and drive engagement with your customers.

We incorporate the latest SEO trends in our content marketing strategy. Optimal keywords, smart call-to-action buttons, long-tail and pillar keywords, meta-descriptions, quality images, descriptive URLs etc help your website rank not only higher in search but also have higher click-through rates (CTR).


Our Content Marketing Strategy

We continually analyze and optimize our content using Split A/B testing to create more effective content. LEAD’s content ranges from effectively designed websites, blogs, articles and videos. Our content focused marketing campaign will help your business attract, nurture and convert customers.

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Our Content Services

Web Design

  • Design and Develop websites in WordPress and custom PHP.
  • Mobile First Web Design: Ensure it loads and displays correctly on mobile devices.
  • eCommerce Web Design: Construct and provide a roadmap for your ecommerce project.

Blog Creation

We know all the right keywords and the optimal blog length to engage your audience.

Press Release

LEAD INTERNET MARKETING will help you make your big announcement to the world

Video Content

This Audio-Visual medium is the best way to engage with your audience.

Logo Creation

Your logo is much more than a symbol of identification, it conveys your business value and your business personality. We will work with you to create a logo that best suits your business.