Website Design


Web Design & Development

LEAD recognizes the significance of online presence in today’s digital landscape, your website is an opportunity to engage with your target audience. Our creative design team will tell your story in the most engaging and creative manner to create a credible website that outshines your competitors’.

A website can alone grow your business exponentially, it is fundamental to any marketing strategy, the hub of your online enterprise. And there is no better return on investment (ROI ) than a website, it runs 24/7/365 for a small initial investment.

Your site visitors judge your web design before engaging with you or making an online transaction, first-impressions do matter. Our designers will work with you to deliver not just an attractive website, but a credible and user-friendly one that generates the most conversions for you using the latest technology and SEO strategy.

Why LEAD Internet Marketing?

We follow a defined and systematic approach to Web Design

#1: Research and Strategize:

We research ongoing market trends and analyze your competitors’ websites before we present you with options that best suit your needs and preferences. We work closely with you to appreciate your business and design preferences to customize your website by integrating the features you want on your website.

#2: Plan and Present Rough Draft:

Our website design involves meticulous planning to define the platform, features, structure and the website functionalities at the beginning of any project. This way there are no surprises when we present the rough cut to you.

#3: Revision and Final Presentation:

Upon your draft approval, our team will incorporate the revisions and make a final presentation before we optimize and launch your website on desktop and mobile.

#4. Host and Maintain:

We offer hosting and website maintenance on an ongoing basis. We use a content management system or CMS, which makes it easy for you to update your website content. Should you choose to leave that to us, we are here to support you with updates, “as needed” or on a monthly basis.

Lead Internet Marketing creates attractive and user-friendly sites

Rich Media

Pictures are really worth a thousand words! And so are other visual aids such as infographics, videos and graphics. As a web solutions provider, our team will create engaging websites for you that set the stage for your brand’s experience.

Call-to-Actions (CTA’s)

Strategically placed Call-to-Actions help your visitors navigate your website and engage with them. Our Content designers keep not just placement of the CTA but it’s copy, design, color and the psychology of the interaction itself to better your Conversion rate optimization (CRO).


Blogs help you attract new visitors on your website and convert them into leads. Every time an original blog is posted, it is creating a new opportunity to be found in search engines, shared on social media, linked to by other sites, and have a new person interact with your business. Our creative team will deliver engaging quality content to keep your website updated

Social Media Engagement

Our strategists will work with you to build an online community around your business. We first Identify your online audience for developing an online marketing strategy for you. Your social media presence adds value to your customers and visibility to your business.

We strive to help you create your own identity.